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The Reaching Woods is a thick young woods located on the banks of the Chionthar and split into two main (northern and southern) branches by the River Reaching tumbling south our of Hill’s Edge. The north branch thins at the point where the Dusk Road passes through it, and then continues in a minor sub-branch on the road’s far side. The forest is filled with hardy stands of maples, elms, and beeches, which give the entire woods a feeling of peace and serenity.

The Reaching Wood is known to be the home of several powerful druids, and several shrines to Eldath have been erected among its placid pools. Some regions of the woods have been invaded by goblinoids, who enslave the native centaurs and satyrs.

The Reaching Wood is also the home of the Walking

Tower. The tower resembles a great statue, many stories high, and is thought to be a relic of the days of Netheril. The Walking Tower was the property of the ranger Alomystia a hundred years ago, but none know what became of him. The Walking Tower has been seen in certain parts of the woods, often moving randomly from place to place, as if looking for something.