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Known as a quiet, orderly land of sturdy farmers and good rulers, Mistledale is counted with Deepingdale and Shadowdale as a leader of the good Dalelands. The people are friendly and open, and are free of the problems that trouble many other Dales.

Adventurers often find Mistledale to be a somewhat boring place.

The Dale covers a vast expanse of land, stretching more than 100 miles east to west and averaging 30 miles in width. It is very flat compared to its neighbors, and its rolling plains are broken only by the occasional copse or thicket. The folk of Mistledale never cleared this land; even in the days of ancient Cormanthor this was a region of open grassland.

The Tilverton-Hillsfar road, or Moonsea Ride, runs through the center of the Dale and accounts for most of the passers-by. Mistledale is isolated to the north and south by the dense elven woods. A well-marked trail leads north to Shadowdale along the banks of the Ashaba, and another south to Battledale by Yeven. There is a dangerous path through the Vale of Lost Voices that cuts straight to Essembra, but the locals warn travelers away from it.

There are a number of small hamlets in the Dale, including Elvencrossing, Glen, and Peldan?s Helm. The largest and most important of the villages is Ashabenford, a town of about 500 people. The Council of Six meets in Ashabenford once a season, and the High Councillor remains here to administer affairs all year long.

Population. Ashabenford: 455; Elven Crossing: 110; Peldan’s Helm: 80; the countryside: 4,300.

Inns. The White Hart offers good accomodations for 1 gp per night. The Ashabenford Arms is an excellent inn with matchless service for 16 sp per night.

Taverns. The Velvet Veil is a rowdy dance hall and taphouse. Many travelers along the Moonsea Ride take their rest here, making the tavern a good source of rumors or offers of employment.

Supplies. Lhuin’s Fine Leathers manufactures and sells saddles, bridles, belts, and leather armor at a 10% discount from PHB prices. Multhimmer the Merchant operates a general store that trades in all goods, but specializes in imported metalwork and glass. Most household items can be purchased at a 20% markup over PHB prices.

Watch. Mistledale is patrolled by the Riders of Mistledale in groups of three to four. The Riders lead squads of trained militia. Ashabenford itself usually has 10 to 15 Riders in the area and 50 to 60 militiamen in garrison at the barracks.

Temples. Large abbeys dedicated to Chauntea and Silvanus can be found in the countryside of Mistledale.