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Information specific to my local table top Group of Players

- specifically Graham, Dave, Dik, Jonah and Janice.

Warning, the following links are only appropriate to the above mentioned people!!

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NPCs - This link shows a list of all the NPCs that the party have met - together with a little bit of information to help you remember who they are.
(Updated: Thursday, 31-Jul-2014 19:24:39 EDT )

EXPERIANCE - This link shows a list of past actions by the players and how much experiance they have gained for each.
(Updated: Thursday, 31-Jul-2014 19:24:34 EDT )

Player Info - This link shows current HP, magic items found (and where) as well as some other info.
(Updated: Thursday, 31-Jul-2014 19:24:40 EDT )

History of the Game so far! - These pages outline the history of the game in brief paragraphs.
(Updated: Thursday, 31-Jul-2014 19:24:35 EDT )

Spells - This link shows current spells memorized by the spell casters of the party
(Updated: Thursday, 31-Jul-2014 19:24:41 EDT )


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